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Kárpátalja is an historic region in Ukraine that has a strong Hungarian minority and an ethnically colourful population in general.

Kárpátalja is the Hungarian name of the westernmost region of Ukraine, that is also called Carpathian Rutenia or Carpatho-Ukraine. Its allegiance changed several times during the last hundred years.

Most of the region was part of the Kingdom of Hungary until World War I, however according to the Versailles-Washington System that concluded the Great War it became part of the newly formed Czechoslovakia.

Hungary gained control of the region during World War II once again, only to cede it to the Soviet Union as part of Ukraine at the end of the war. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, it remained part of the independent Ukraine.

80 percent of the region rests on the southern slopes of the eastern Carpathian Mountains while 20 percent lies on the northeastern end of the Pannonian Plain. Kárpátalja is bordered by rivers, making this area a geographically and biologically diverse and interesting territory.

Kárpátalja Football Team

The Kárpátalja Football Team represents the Hungarian minority of Kárpátalja. They joined CONIFA in 2016 and subsequently were invited to the 2017 CONIFA European Football Cup. They played their first ever competitive game on the opening day on the tournament – a 1–0 defeat against the hosts, Northern Cyprus. However, they finished 5th after a shootout win in the playoff against Ellan Vannin.

They failed to qualify for the 2018 CONIFA World Football Cup, however, after Felvidék withdrew from the tournament, were invited to replace them and complete the 16-team field of the upcoming event.